How can i use a DLL in python ?

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Dec 6 10:01:05 EST 2000

Jose Antonio martin wrote:
> I am trying to port the fdftk.dll  and fdftk.lib from adobe acrobat to work
> in python with it.

> How can use this Dll and .lib from Python ?
> Can i use this modules  ?

I would guess the .LIB file is used to statically link during
compilation with languages such as C, so you would not use that with
Python, Perl, or Java.

The .DLL file can be used from Python, but to do so you might need to
get the 'calldll' package and "wrap" the .DLL routines with your own
routines from Python.

I don't believe there is any way you can *easily* do what you want, so
be prepared for a little learning and thinking.  With luck, someone else
has done this already and the search of the web that you are about to do
will find it.

(I await rebuttal. :-)

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