How to create GUID UUID like with pythoncom.CreateGuid

Georg Gogo. BERNHARD gogo at
Thu Dec 21 02:02:00 CET 2000

Hello, everybody!

I want to  create global unique identifiers with python1.5.2

The algorithm should be platform independend which means that  a
python only solution is needed. I am starting to think that that is
impossible without extending python with some C / C++ functions that
have to be compiled on every platform they are needed, because the MAC
adress of a compuiter is part of the GUID, and there is no way to get
it in python.

There are easy ways get a GUID in WIndows, the COM/RPC API has
functions for that that can be called with pythoncom. But windows is
just one of many platforms, I want to have a more flexible solution.

Maybe someone has already found a good algorithm for this problem,
because it would be useful not only for indexing a database, but also
for XML/RPC and similar techniques.

Ideas are welcome, regards, 
gogo at

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