Singleton vs Proxies DP (was Re: Solution: Direct access to Printer I/O lines)

Dinu C. Gherman gherman at
Sun Dec 17 21:08:41 CET 2000

Alex Martelli wrote:
> I agree that unique id is part of the Singleton Pattern:
> that is what makes it problematic.  One does not really
> _care_ about that identity, only about the state and
> behavior it represents.

For me it sounds like being part of the essence of that
pattern... but you're free to disagree.

> No!  I'm not saying two clients can't hold their
> 'handles' (lw proxies) at the same time.  It IS
> pretty typical.  But it's not at all typical for client
> code to be interested in ensuring _identity_ --
> state and behavior are typical.

In the context of Singletons I would even reduce that to
state only, like with counters of some system-wide entities
of I-don't-know-what. A client is "typically" not able to
compare *bahaviour*, but state, yes. In all cases where
this comparison is difficult or time-consuming, comparing
or, probably more often in fact, *accessing* the current
state via a "globally identical" object is what a Singleton
is about - if I understood anything at all about this



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