PIL binary for Python 2.0 for Windows ?

William Ryu wsryu at is07.fas.harvard.edu
Wed Dec 13 20:55:06 EST 2000

In article <otOZ5.3825$Kd1.435667 at newsb.telia.net>,
Fredrik Lundh <fredrik at effbot.org> wrote:
>William Ryu wrote:
>> I've downloaded the PIL Python Modules from eefbot
>> (http://w1.132.telia.com/~u13208596/pil/index.htm) and have loaded the
>> _imaging20.dll into my DLLs folder.
>That page also says "save it as _imaging.dll".  If it's called _imaging20.dll,
>Python won't find it.
>If you get rid of the "20", it should work.

Yes. Indeed it does, right on top of the page. My apologies and thanks for
the information.


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