easy question on input files in Python

jerry_spicklemire at my-deja.com jerry_spicklemire at my-deja.com
Tue Dec 5 09:17:45 EST 2000

Alex Martelli  wrote:

> What Ian wants is a 'overwritable buffer', so the _same_
> memory area is reused at each read.  But Python file
> objects don't support that.  Nor I believe do array
> objects (their fromFile method appends to the array,
> does not overwrite it).  I think it need to be done as a
> C extension (maybe Numeric already offers it...?).

Good point! Object arrays, not limited to numeric objects,
are one of the coolest features of Numeric.
I've no clue about over-writable-ness though.

Thanks for the reply!
Jerry S.

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