int multiplication overflow and the future of python

Tim Peters at
Tue Dec 5 01:45:27 CET 2000

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[Ram Bhamidipaty]
> On red hat 7.0 with python 1.6 I am running into overflow problems.
> From looking at the bug database at sourceforge I can see
> that other people have run into this, and it looks like
> there is a fix....but I have not been able to find it. Is there
> a patch that I should apply to upgrade my 1.6 source to the
> latest version?

It's not a Python problem so there's not a Python patch.  See "LONG_BIT
Error" at

for a workaround.  I have heard (but don't know for a fact) that Red Hat is
shipping their own critical patches to 7.0 that fix this problem (among
others -- they shipped a development snapshot of gcc with 7.0, which they
should not have done).

> This leads to a larger question: Which version is being maintained?
> Is active developement taking place for both 1.6 and 2.0?

No, just for 2.0.

> I've been using 1.6 because the features in 2.0 seem like they
> involve bigger changes to the code base and I thought I should
> wait until the initial bugs are worked out.

Well, that's ironic:  the bugs in new 1.6 features were worked out in 2.0

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