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  victor at prodigy.net wrote:
> Well, my most important need was not to have to open database
connections every
> time CGI executed. Currently I don't need multiple instances of the
> running simultaneously. If and when I do, I plan to add
multithreading to my
> FastCGI library (I actually believe it had already been done).

Here's another suggestion: skip FastCGI -- I'm sure it's great on
Unixes, but I was never able to get it to work on NT (it sounds like
you had better luck than I did).  Instead, use
the WebKit application server, and serve it up with Apache and the
WebKit mod_python adapter.  This works on NT as well as Unixes, it's
easy to set up, and it's fast because no new processes need to
be spawned for each request.  WebKit is part of WebWare for Python,
and it has lots of other nice features besides being a fast
application server.  Check it out...


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