Python in "math through programming" curriculum

Clifford J. Nelson cnelson9 at
Wed Dec 27 00:28:35 CET 2000

Kirby Urner wrote:

> In your case, I'm not aware of any alternative product,
> just the negative comments, plus some Mathematica
> worksheets which are not even attempting to interpret
> that whole philosophy.  So again, rather than indulge
> in negative comments, how about you advertise your
> own positive contributions, i.e. your own curriculum
> writing making use of these other computer languages
> you've been posting about (the DrScheme team has
> certainly set a high standard, with their high quality
> materials).

Half of the DrScheme demo programs have not even been
debugged completely.

Mathematica electronic notebooks are the very best way to
present any mathematical ideas. You can use traditional
mathematical notation with type setting if you want to, and
all statements can be actually executed. Graphics, sound,
and starting with Mma Version 3, interaction.

My Mathematica electronic notebooks get to the heart of the
matter in Synergetics: the "synergetics triangulated
coordinate system" with which Bucky wrote, "you know", as
opposed to the rectilinear coordinate system, with which
"you guess".

They can be viewed with MathReader (free) if you don't have Mathematica.


It is a good small exercise to translate the notebooks to
other languages.

  Cliff Nelson

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