Super Database Tool in Python for Ever !!!

Jose Martin joseamartin at
Mon Dec 18 10:12:57 EST 2000

Hi, sorry this tool does not exist today !.

But i have a couple ideas to produce the an incredible tool
any voluntary ???.

It is a Convergence of Various tools like:
>From :Gupta's Quest:
    1. You can Create Tables, Browse Tables in Grids and modify data and
save data.
    2. You can copy rows of grids and paste into other grids.
    3. You can Make SQL sentences and browse them in grids.
>From :Oracle SQLPlus :
    1. You can call a Text Editor and save SQL Scripts.
    2. You can add command and procedures and call them from a promt.
    3. Variuos command like DESC,EXEC ,   etc... that make your life esay
and happy.
From: Linux Shell:
    1. Tab Completition. utilfull .

>From :Python IDLE.
1. Auto-Complete Atributes and Call Tips.
2. Extensible Sintax HighLighting.

>From Python Languaje:
A complete applicattion  and a module that  you can import from a python
shell and work with them...

I have a lot of work but i can do some code, any voluntary for Make this
tool reality ?

It is cleary, this tool will go to be the Best tool for Database related


Jose Antonio Martin
joseamartin at

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