Smalltalk and Python

Russell E. Owen owen at
Fri Dec 15 19:03:21 CET 2000

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>> Smalltalk is my favorite language. However, I am the only one at the
>> observatory who knows it and feels it is worthwhile. As I fight Python's
>> disgusting GUI I keep wavering, and I may yet give up and switch to
>Which one of Python's many available GUIs do you find disgusting?  Me,
>I like wxPython, and HTML-based interfaces, but I realize Tkinter's
>more widespread -- and there are just SO many others that, if I was
>GUI-oriented at all, I'd be in a tizzy about trying them all...

Tkinter. Lack of built-in cut/copy/paste is a problem (trying to 
implement it well is a real bear), similarly drag-and-drop and read-only 
text displays that allow updating and copying. Appearance is OK. Widget 
set is reasonable. Menus don't seem to work reliably on the Mac, and in 
MacPython 2.0 file events are broken.

I need something that works, or will work, on Mac and unix for sure, 
Windows would also be good. The only Python GUI library that does that 
now is Tkinter, but wxPython is likely to do so the future. Are there 
any others?

I am trying to get wxPython installed on a Solaris box and will try it 
out if I'm ever successful.

(The Mac issue is also why IBM's smalltalk is out, unless they're 
planning a port to MacOS X. And whoever said Cincom's GUI is slow on a 
Mac, I agree, and unattractive, too. I didn't realize it was fast on 
other platforms. That's very good to know.)

-- Russell

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