identifying user from Win9x?

Emile van Sebille emile at
Fri Dec 29 11:52:56 EST 2000

One way:

>>> import os
>>> info = os.popen('net config').readlines()



Emile van Sebille
emile at

"Frank Miles" <fpm at> wrote in message
news:92ibvf$if2$1 at
> I have a set of python routines that are used to
coordinate and
> account for various activities in my group.  I would like
to be
> able to tailor how these routines work, and what options
are first
> presented to each user.
> There are ways to determine the user ID in Unix-based
systems (os.getuid).
> I haven't yet seen anything comparable for Windows.
Possible source
> of information: it is SOP for each user to login to the
> network before doing anything else.  Is there some way to
extract this
> information from Windows, or failing that, a Novell
> TIA...
> -frank
> --

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