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Jason Cunliffe jasonic at
Mon Dec 4 13:09:21 EST 2000

Yes. I may be wrong, but Prima_Tech seem to publish particularly useless
ugly books.
Their main contribution seems to be splatter a cheesy rendering of that damn
bathtubtoypenguin everywhere, including giant as a page background = yikes!
They seem to think this will sell books.. what a tragedy-travesty :-(

The general series page design and layout is confusing, and poorly
conceived - a Prime example of 'fluff' or 'value-subtracted' publishing.

Content and editorial also appear to be inexperienced and rushed to market.
I feel sorry for any auhtor sucked into a contract with them and it is a
shaem there is even a Python title in that series at all.

caveat emptor [buyer beware]

- Jason
Jason CUNLIFFE = NOMADICS['Interactive Art and Technology']

Don Tuttle <tuttledon at> wrote in message
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> "Simon B." <sbrunning at> wrote in message
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> > I came across a Python book this weekend that I haven't heard of
> > before - Programming with Python, by Tim Altom
> > (see <>). Anyone have this?
> > Any good?
> IMO, this is the only bad Python book on the market.  Don't waste your
> money.
> Don

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