sniffing btw my web browser and a server

David N. Welton davidw at
Wed Dec 27 13:38:54 CET 2000

Jan Dries <jdries at> writes:

> >I'm doing some sort of web client programming, and have to observe the
> >messages that my browser and web-servers transmit, being tired of guessing
> >what the messages'd be and looking up the references and the specifications.
> >
> >Anyone has done it in Python or knows how it could be done?
> >
> If all you want is to see the trafic between a browser and server
> [ ... ]

I just use a system call tracer for this sort of thing.  It's kind of
crude, but it's fast, and I can see *exactly* what is happening
between my browser and server without putting anything between them.

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