FIFO in python?

David Lees DavidL at
Tue Dec 19 14:23:19 EST 2000

Actually, I just found that if I try to write to the fifo (which is
SAMBA mounted) from the NT side, I get an error:
IOError: (0, 'Error')

Meanwhile on the Linux, side, our local perl guru had no trouble getting
a pair of perl scripts to pass strings via the same fifo that I am
unable to open when I run Python from Linux.

Presumably this is some kind of configuration problem with python?

david lees

David Lees wrote:
> I am trying to learn how to use FIFO and am unable to open a fifo under
> Linux RedHat 6.2.  I hang on the open (open(fn,'rw'), even though I have
> done a successful check for file existence (os.path.exists(fn)).  The
> same code works under NT.  Any thoughts on what is going on?
> Thanks in advance,
> david lees
> here is my code:
> -------------------------
> import string, os, sys
> def OpenFileRW(n):
>     if os.path.exists(n):
>         fn=open(n,'rw')
>         return fn
>     else:
>         print 'Filename '+name+' does not exist'
>         sys.exit(-1)
> fifoName='junkfifo'
> fifo=OpenFileRW(fifoName)
> fifo.close()
> print 'done'

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