sniffing btw my web browser and a server

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Fri Dec 29 23:33:55 EST 2000

At some point, "Eduard Hiti" <KatMouse at> wrote:

> You can try 'Proxomitron' as a proxy. It's basically an ad filtering
> (shonenware!?) software (but capable of much more), and has a very nice log
> window, in which you can view all HTTP headers sent.
> The URL:
> There's also a Python only solution: 'WebDebug'. It also acts as a proxy,
> logging all transfers and generating a nice and comprehensive HTML report.
> The URL:

Also check out this pure Python proxy code by Amit J. Patel at

I use Proxy 3: it has many options (like changing Slashdot from green
to blue, show HTTP headers, etc.), and is very modular. Well worth a look.

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