Python vs. PHP (& Java?)

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Fri Dec 29 14:04:54 EST 2000

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>  "Alex Martelli" <aleaxit at> wrote:
>> Nothing "is EXACTLY like" anything else (Korzibsky would
>> insist on such firm avoidance of "the IS of identity", but,
>> as he doesn't seem to be following this newsgroup regularly,
>> I'll have to play his role, I guess). ..
>I'm surprised no one brought up the good Count when Clinton
>uttered his infamous question.
I assume, Russell, that you are just being provocative
here.  OF COURSE some folks brought it up, including
(while you're roaming through the Web, check out the
*TIME-BINDING Newsletter*).
>> [Perl's] design goals DID apparently include rich,
>> exhuberant, redundant abundance -- it seems to have
>> matched them closely. ..
>That is a most unfortunate goal.
I think you harsh in that.  It seems to suit some
mentalities, and the worst I can bring myself to say
is that it's been an informative (and not-yet-finished!)

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