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> In the type-library's "helpstring" propriety.  But that is the same
> place from which Ole View, AND Visual Basic's "Project/References..."
> dialog, also get it, so, if you can find them with any one of these
> tools, the others should be no problem.
> Alternatively, the EnsureDispatch method of gencache can (probably)
> work on an object you already have instantiated (if that object is
> reasonably well-behaved) and perform the same work as makepy
> would.  Starting with a clean-slate gen_py, you can just then open
> with your favourite text-editor the only long-named .py file you'll
> find there.
> Or, you can do it by studying the registry.  From a ProgId (such as
> "feefie.foofum", in the registry under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT you'll
> find the CLSID; under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/CLSID/thatclsid, you'll
> find the type-library's own GUID, which you can in turn use as a
> key under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/Libraries to find out everything
> about the location of the specific type-library of interest.  OleView
> does that for you, by the way, if you start your browsing with an
> object rather than going directly for the libraries.
> Alex

Thanks Alex for this great informations!

I finally used the gencache.EnsureDispatch method and finally got the
member and paramter list.


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