PIL binary for Python 2.0 for Windows ?

Richard richard at NOstarfighterSPAM.freeuk.com
Thu Dec 7 21:20:33 CET 2000

I have downloaded the dll & the PIL tar file Imaging-1.1.1.tar.gz.

Please can you tell me where these file should be copied? (My Python 2.0 is
istalled under C:\Python20).


"Fredrik Lundh" <fredrik at effbot.org> wrote in message
news:KZOX5.2015$Kd1.294314 at newsb.telia.net...
> Leon Booyens wrote:
> > Where can I find a binary distribution for Windows of the Python Image
> > Library 1.1.1. (It is not as yet available from Pythonware as a binary
and I
> > unfortunatly have no means of compiling the code on a windows platform)
> http://effbot.org/pil
> </F>

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