how do i check if a file exists with python?

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Thu Dec 28 14:57:31 EST 2000

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  "Scott Hathaway" <slhath at> wrote:
> I have searched Deja, looked in two pyton books, and searched the
> site trying to find out this simple question.

Have you tried the _documentation_?

> Can someone please give me the call and the module it lives in?

I don't recall what it is exactly...[five minutes later]:

One way is with glob:

import glob

def FileExists(filename):
	return len(glob.glob(filename)) > 0

if FileExists(r'c:/windows/notepad.exe'):
	print 'yup'
if not FileExists(r'c:/windows/notepad.exk'):
	print "I didn't think so."

May or may not be the Right way.

> Thanks,
> Scott

Oh, dejanews lets you add a sig - that's useful...

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