Wanted: Python White Papers

noahspurrier at my-deja.com noahspurrier at my-deja.com
Tue Dec 19 22:17:27 CET 2000

Is anyone aware of any white papers to explain the use of Python
at any big, high-profile companies?
I'm trying to use a "look-how-these-cool-companies-use-python"
argument to defend the use of Python for a project. That won't be my
only argument, of course :-) But currently Python is not winning many
management converts here based solely on its technical merits.
Many still say, "What's Python? Never heard of it...". It helps
a lot when I say "Google uses it!", but it would help more if I
knew HOW it is used and WHY.

Actually, the only high-profile company that uses Python that I
can think of is Google. Is anyone familiar with their architecture?
How does Python fit into their design?

Is there anyone out there from Google that can represent Google's use
of Python? What are Google's plans for the future of Python in their
architecture? I heard that they might be switching to Java.

Noah Spurrier

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