Problems With socket Under NT & PythonWin 2.0

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I'm trying to learn a bit more about Python programming under Windows
NT, and came across a problem with the Socket example in
section 7.2.2 inside the Python reference pages.

As soon as I run EchoServer inside the PythonWin IDE with Python 2.0,
the entire IDE "hangs"; e.g., the mouse pointer icon is set to an hour
glass, and there is no change in its settings, as well as not being
able to click on any of the toolbar buttons.  The only way I can stop
the application is by closing PythonWin from the NT Task Manager.

With this in mind, I have the following questions:

Are the socket examples inside the Python reference Unix/Linux only?

Do I need any additional modules or libraries to run socket programs
inside PythonWin?

Do I need to change any of my environment settings?

I'm running Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 6a applied.  I do have the
TCP/IP protocol stack installed and configured.  I have no problem
running any other socket based applications I've done in C++ or Java,
and I can run the Peer Web Server Services (IIS) without any problems.
I also have Cygwin 1.0 installed as well.

Any help or insights on this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time and help...

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