Martin von Loewis loewis at informatik.hu-berlin.de
Fri Dec 8 21:51:55 CET 2000

Magnus Heino <magnus.heino at rivermen.se> writes:

> Maybe you could tell me the differences and relations between the xml 
> included in Python2.0, PyXML and Fourthoughs distro?

Python 2.0 supports minidom; Uche's example was a 4DOM application.
4DOM is included both in PyXML and 4Suite.

Please have a look at


for documentation on minidom.

> Seems to me that the Python2.0 is a subset of PyXML (because it wasnt 
> finished in time for the release maybe?) and that PyXML includes things 
> from Fourthught, but not of all of it.. for some reason.

It's not because it was not finished, it was not included because it
was considered too large.

> Are there any good books to recommend in this area? 

If you can read German, I can recommend the "Python 2" book that I
just published at Addison-Wesley :-)


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