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> Hello Everyone,
> I was looking at the online documentation on the winreg module that allows
> editing of the windows registry.  I am too new to python to understand how
> to code it.  Can someone get me started in the right direction?
> I need to add a key and then add 5 values to that key.

With Python 2, for example:

import _winreg as w

parentKey = w.OpenKey(w.HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT,r'file\shell',0,w.KEY_WRITE)
newKey = w.CreateKey(parentKey,'SubkeyName')
w.SetValueEx(newKey,'AValueName1',0,w.REG_SZ,'Something here')
w.SetValueEx(newKey,'AValueName2',0,w.REG_SZ,'Something else')

will create a key 'file\shell\SubkeyName' (assuming 'file' and 'file\shell'
already exist!) under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, with no default (unnamed)
value, and two named values under it.


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