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Daniel Daniel.Kinnaer at AdValvas.be
Wed Dec 27 11:54:25 CET 2000

On Wed, 27 Dec 2000 08:52:42 GMT, "Greg Jorgensen" <gregj at pobox.com>

>Learning Python assumes some programming experience. Check out the free
>tutorials at:
>(Java and XML tutorials also available on the same site).
>Look at the book "Python Essential Reference" by David Beazley (New Riders).
>It contains an excellent reference (for Python 1.5.2) and a terse but good
>tutorial. The other Python books I've seen are no better than
>freely-available web resources.
>Reading and studying code until you understand it, and experimenting with
>your own code, teaches programming better than books and tutorials. This
>newsgroup makes a good study hall.
>Greg Jorgensen
>Deschooling Society
>Portland, Oregon, USA
>gregj at pobox.com
Where can one find a tutorial with lots and lots of example code?
Reading about theory is fine when one already is proficient at a
language... I learn fastest when examples are given, and that is what
I'm looking for. Is there such a book/tutorial available?

As a newbie to Python, I always compare with Delphi and how I would go
about solving a problem.  Very often, I can't find an answer in the
ref-guide nor in the tutorials (or I am looking at the wrong places
:-)  E.g.  I was trying to convert a number to a string and add
another string to it. In Delphi i would write s:= IntToStr(myNumber) +
' is my number';  How is this done in Python? 


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