Preliminary python2 packages for Debian woody

Brent Verner brent at
Tue Dec 12 10:12:01 EST 2000

On 12 Dec 2000 at 15:34 (+0100), Gregor Hoffleit wrote:
| Hi,
| I completed a set of preliminary packages of python2 for Debian woody. A big
| warning: They are nearly completely untested, and they aren't yet suitable
| for release. Please provide me with feedback so that the final packages will
| be more stable.


[ apt line snipped ]

| Noteworthy things:
| - The packages are called python2-base, python2-dev etc.pp.
| - They won't replace the existing python packages (Python 1.5.2), they can
|   be installed alongside each other.

$ apt-get update
$ apt-get install python2-base

hmm, that wanted to remove most every other python (1.5.2-10) package on
my freshly updated unstable box. Any suggestions?


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