Cookies seem to disappear

Dennis Dunn ansofive at
Wed Dec 6 11:08:45 EST 2000


I am trying to use SmartCookie class to store state.  Everything works
perfectly until I exit my browser.  The next time I try to view the page
my state has been reset to the default values.  I set the 'max-age'
value like  so:

c = Cookie.SmartCookie()
c['state'] = stateDictionary
c['state']['max-age'] = '3600'
print c.output()

I've tried Netscape on WinNT and Linux and IE on WinNT, they all exhibit the
same behaviour.  The thing that is throwing me is that everything works until I
exit my browser.  It is as if I'm not setting the max-age correctly but
how difficult can that be?

Thanks for your help.


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