Python in "math through programming" curriculum

Kirby Urner urner at
Tue Dec 19 17:33:50 CET 2000

"Clifford J. Nelson" <cnelson9 at> wrote:

>I don't think Python should be a standard at all, because of
>my experience with it on the Mac. Keep the options open for
>computer programming languages.

Keeping options open is fine (using Python to open doors
to other languages is a good way to go as well).  I don't
use Python for much of my programming work, but as one 
who used to write 8th grade level "math through programming" 
stuff for McGraw-Hill in the 1980s (using BASIC and Logo), 
I can say without a doubt that Python would have been 
pure gold for us.

Python on the Mac was disappointing for me for the brief
30 minutes I tried it.  IDLE is a great learning environment
and on Windows and Linux is in color, but on the Mac seemed 
to be all one color.  Was I missing a setting?  Maybe the Mac
people are working on alternatives/enchancements to IDLE?
Does anyone have some info on this?

>Both of those languages are OOP too, and easier to use than Python.

How much personal experience to you have with all three,
or are you reporting the assessments of others?  Do you have
a website where you show your work, review your experiences?  
I'm not sure I need to attach much weight to any of your 
opinions.  Others around here (such as the previous respondant 
to your post) seem to know a great deal more about these 
languages than you do, and I've never seen you post anything 
that suggests you've done much with Python, either.


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