Can't install any packages

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Tue Dec 26 13:37:39 EST 2000

"EdK" <e_d_k at> wrote in message
news:92acdv$eid$1 at
> I'm runing Python 1.6 on Windows98.  When I start Python it identifies
> None of the zip files I have downloaded contained any .dll files, but
> they do contain .ptd files. I can not find any documentation for whay a
> .pyd file is. These .pyd file all exist on my PYTHONPATH.

A .PYD file is actually a DLL, renamed to avoid confusing it with
"normal" DLL's.  I suspect the packages you download support
Python 2.0, which came out so soon after 1.6; upgrading to 2.0
might solve it (unless some very old packages only support the
1.5 version).  1.6 ruled the roost for such a short time (its
final was out the same day as 2.0's beta!) that few or no pre-built
binaries are likely to support it.


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