Programming Habits in Python

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Sun Dec 10 17:24:25 CET 2000

On 07 Dec 2000 11:02:45 +0100, 
	Jochen Küpper <jochen at> wrote:
>Not to destroy the metaphor, but you cannot learn modern physics from
>Principia! Classical Mechanics at most. But you can learn the
>physicists way of thought... [1]

In the back of my mind I had a quotation, which I cannot track down on
the Web.  The Principia uses geometrical methods throughout, even
where analytical methods would have been much simpler, and someone
(Halley, perhaps) said that reading the Principia was like walking
through an arsenal of giant weapons of a past age, and that one is
amazed that anyone could wield them at all.  I feel the same way about
TAoCP; amazing piece of work, but I'm not strong enough to make any
use of it.  Hmm, there's an essay lurking here somewhere...


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