Smalltalk and Python

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Wed Dec 13 14:18:19 CET 2000

"Bjoern Giesler" <Bjoern.Giesler at> wrote in message
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> Hi,
> In comp.lang.python israel raj thomas <israelt at> wrote:
> :>Do you think that it would be possible to use Python as a Smalltalk
> :>replacement if an IDE existed that hid some of Python's limitations?
> : Would it perhaps not be better to use Ruby ?
> Not for me, for the following reasons:
> a) I don't know Ruby well enough
> b) Ruby is "even more" unknown in The Real World(tm) than Python
> c) I think Ruby code looks ugly (what with @, #, $, no 'return' etc.)
> d) I don't see any of the features Ruby has over Python as 'killer'
>    features.

I might, personally, agree, but a really-rabid Smalltalker might
differ with [d] -- being able to inherit from *anything* is, I
think, the main extra of Ruby wrt Python, and isn't all of
Smalltalk about inheriting from integers, &c?-)


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