Fault trees structure

Alex Martelli aleaxit at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 11 10:57:19 CET 2000

"Arturo Pérez Mulas" <arturo_perez at wanadoo.es> wrote in message
news:D_IY5.49$17.2785 at m2newsread.uni2.es...

I am creating a fault-trees (kind of binary trees, but with unlimited inputs
in every gates and several different types of gates/inputs) management
package; thouhg I have created a basic structure for the class, I am not so
happy with it and I am certain that it can be improved greatly.

Any one knows of an Object Oriented description of a similar structure, or
is interested in this so we can discuss further?

Fault-tree analysis does appear like an interesting subject, but I
can't easily find a precise model of "a fault-tree" around the web.

Can you point to a summary description ("fault-tree analysis" gets
a lot of hits, but I wonder if a "fault-tree object" can be described
well enough without getting into the depth of the analysis issues)?

Discussing how to model something in terms of Python classes &c seems
to be a rather basic purpose of this forum, so I think it would be
all right to pursue a discussion here, but you'd have to supply the
domain-expertise (at least if I'm the other discussant...!).


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