debugging python extensions in c

Pete Shinners pete at
Tue Dec 5 13:34:23 EST 2000

"Oivvio Polite" <oivvio at> wrote
> We've just started writing a python extension in c.
> I know how to use the python debugger and I've  done some c debugging
> before.
> But how do I go about to debug pointerstuff and memory leaks in python
> extension.
> We're writing this for both windows and linux.

i've been getting along with my trusty debugger, "printf"

sorry it's not the most elegent thing, but it's been solving
my bugs here and there. you may also want to change the compile
flags and recompile python. there are a lot of internal #define
flags that can be used for finding leaked references, more error
checking, etc.

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