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> Does anyone know of a utility to change between the coding conventions
>  of
> def fooBarBaz(): pass
> and 
> def foo_bar_baz(): pass
> It is a pain to do this by hand.

Much though I hate to do this in a Python newsgroup, here's a Perl
script that should do the job. It reads lines from STDIN and copies
them to STDOUT. If a line starts with optional whitespace followed by
the word "def" followed by more whitespace followed by a name, then if
that name contains capital letters, each capital is lower-cased and has
a "_" prepended.

Copy and paste the text between the cut marks and save it as, say,
/usr/local/bin/redef (or the equivalent location on your system) and
use it as follows:
  redef <infile >outfile
It's about as simple as it can be and hasn't been tested exhaustively.
If there are errors, or if you need it enhanced, please let me know.

--------8X-cut here-----------------------------------------------

while (<>) {
  if (/^\s*def\s+\w+/) {
--------8X-cut here-----------------------------------------------

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