Mahagony EMail Client

jluc jlpeyret
Wed Dec 6 08:28:45 CET 2000

no, you're not the only one.  multiplatform + python-scripted sounds great.
kinda cruel of them to dangle the premise of windoze support.  although i
think their website or sourceforge mentions that "the sources have been
known to compile on windoze", so maybe you can take that as an invite to
brew your own.

"David" <root at> wrote in message
news:383a150e.12007736 at
> Am I the only Windows user who's dying for a full release of Mahagony?
> Please shout out your need -- perhaps it'll motivate the development team
> to live up to their month-and-a-half old promise that we'd see the Windows
> version "within a few days."
> :)
> [I've been patiently waiting move than two years, I'm certain.  Sigh.]

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