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David Lees debl at
Fri Dec 29 20:57:07 EST 2000

Actually, another new Python book has also come out recently, called
Python Developers's Handbook by Lessa.  It is comparable length
(actually about 150 pages more) than Core Python.  They both look like
they are aimed at newbies like me.

david lees

Jason Cunliffe wrote:
> This morning I wes very happy to see in my local Barnes&Noble today a
> prominent stack of an excellent new book:
> 'Core Python Programming' by Wesley Chun.
> =aps_sr_b_1_3/002-1140792-5636848
> IMHO This is #1 the best written book on Python I have yet set eyes on.
> Wesley Chun has a deceptively clear prose style, and strikes a clean balance
> between the obvious but essential, yet carefully elucidating famous pythonic
> topics.
> I really thingk this is the most suitable entry text for Python which
> presently exists. It is writen with grace and skill by an author who
> obviously wnows his topic. It lays a great foundation.
> I truly look forwards to any more volumes he may produce in this series.
> The only shame is not the author's fault - it is the still crazy high price
> $45 and thick paper which bulks the 760pages to 2.5" thick.
> I wish american publishers would stop this telphone book web publishing
> madness & follow the example set by Korean technical books I have seen -
> thin paper, larger comfortable format, plenty of color and excellent step by
> step illustrations.
> - Jason
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