8.3 peculiarity if run w/i console

Neil Hodgson neilh at scintilla.org
Thu Dec 28 17:40:53 EST 2000


> If I run a script within the Python 2.0 console, the names of the files
> are made by that script are all "abbreviated", e.g.:
> ALongFileName.txt becomes ALongF~1.TXT. If I run the script within
> PythonWin, the names are o.k.

   I get the same behaviour from console and PythonWin on W2K with:
f = open("ALongFileName.txt", "w")

   What is it that is saying the name is abbreviated? On Windows, all file
names are stored in two forms - a long form and an abbreviated form. The
abbreviated form is for use by old software which can't cope with the long
names. If you do:
dir /x
   then you will see both forms.


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