A Suggestion for Python Colon Syntax

Olli Rajala ollir at linuxfreak.com
Mon Dec 25 03:43:45 EST 2000

On 22 Dec 2000 18:42:11 GMT, William Djaja Tjokroaminata
<billtj at y.glue.umd.edu> wrote:
>Exactly.  I just regretted the initial study that used newbies and they
>preferred colons.  At the present time, correct me if I am wrong, I think
>it is still rare that Python is one's first programming language.  People
>who start to use Python may already use some other popular programming

I've tried many languages before Python: C/C++, Java, Perl, Visual
Basic (Some people says, that it's not programming language, and maybe
they're right. =), Delphi, Pascal and Php.  But I didn't learned them
further, because I didn't have time and I didn't feel that they're my
thing.  Perl and Php made an exception.  I like Perl, and it's so
handy in some tasks, but Perl is Perl. =)  Php is very handy when
static webpages are not enough for you.  

Then someday I found "How To Become A Hacker FAQ" by Eric S. Raymond
and it says that you should first learn Python.  And now I'm stuck
with it.  I think that someday when I'll be the real hacker I can say
that Python was the first language that I learned.

I hope you understand what I tried to say, but I can't guarantee it,
because my English isn't very good. 

Olli Rajala "Quite normal guy"

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