How can i use a DLL in python ?

Lyle Johnson ljohnson at
Wed Dec 6 10:26:13 EST 2000

You have at least two options that I'm aware of. One is to use Sam Rushing's
"calldll" extension that allows you to call Win32 DLL functions directly
from Python. I've never used this and so I don't know what restrictions it
might have. Here's a link:

Another option (which I've used a lot) is to create Python wrappers for
those C/C++ functions using SWIG:

I'm not familiar with the Adobe toolkit in question, but if it's API is
slanted towards C/C++ programmers then the same functions may prove to be
awkward for use in Python programs. Using SWIG you could cook up some more
Python-esque interfaces to the same functionality without too much work.

Hope this helps,


"^Socrates^" <joseamartin at> wrote in message
news:t2sjn0aji5dkef at
> The problem is that.
> I am trying to port the fdftk.dll  and fdftk.lib from adobe acrobat to
> in python
> with it.
> Adobe was made a toolkit for Java,C++,and Perl , but currently no version
> for Python.
> I was emailed to them and request the Python Version, but a have no
> from them.
> Then I need to do This by myself !.
> How can use this Dll and .lib from Python ?
> Can i use this modules  ?
> Thanks...
> Jose Antonio martin
> joseamartin at
> joseamartin at

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