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Armin Steinhoff Armin_member at
Sun Dec 31 05:26:57 EST 2000

In article <slrn94trot.b73.mballen at>, mballen at says...
>I frequent the Samba mailing list. A couple of days ago Richard Sharp
>put together an library of client functions for SMB. SMB
>is Microsoft's native file and print sharing protocol. Someone wrote a
>Perl module using it. I just thought one of you guys might want to do the
>same for Python. Seems only natrual since there's a nice little library
>all packaged up with open(), read(), write(), ...etc all setup easy like.

Makes no sense, because a SMB client mapps normaly a M$ volume to a directory
tree (UNIX) or a virtual drive (M$) ... I don't see in that case any tasks for


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