PIL binary for Python 2.0 for Windows ?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at effbot.org
Mon Dec 11 18:51:41 CET 2000

"ingo" wrote:
> >also see the updated pil page:
> >    http://effbot.org/pil
> When I use these and run the viewer.py demo from 1.1.1 scource I get an
> error:
>     import _imagingtk
> ImportError: No module named _imagingtk
> Did I miss something?

I didn't ship an _imagingtk module, since it's dependent
on both the Python version you're using and the Tcl/Tk

pythonware.com will release a PythonWare PY200 kit any
day soon, which includes versions of Python, Tkinter, PIL
(etc) that are known to work together...


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