Python vs PHP (& Java?)

Ben Ocean zope at
Wed Dec 27 07:05:50 CET 2000

I’m an intermediate-level programmer that’s new to Python (via Zope) and I
like it a lot. However, it appears to me that, while Python is a good
replacement for Perl, it cannot replace much of the functionality of PHP,
which can be scripted into HTML (whereas Python, it appears, must be
called). So, I have to wonder about the speed of Python vs. PHP for
Internet-based applications. Python has the advantage of byte-code and
compilation, but it’s server-side. PHP might not be as fast on the server,
but it doesn’t have to make as many trips back and forth between server and
client. Plus, I’m curious as to why Python wasn’t written in such a way that
it could be written directly into HTML documents like PHP. On a similar
subject, someone once informed me that Java was by far the best language for
scripting communication programs over the Internet (like chat, IRC, etc.).
How does Python compare? Your comments are appreciated.
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