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you wrote:
> In the JPython demo/embed example, we find how to create an instance of
> a class, e.g.:
>   interp.set("foo1", new Foo());
>   interp.set("bar1", new Bar());
> I'd like to be able to dynamically create an instance of a class - e.g.,
>   createInstance(String instName, String className)

You might subclass the class of interp in Java:

class MyInterpreter extends PyInterpreter /* or whatever it's called */ {
  /* constructors as needed */

  void createInstance(String instName, String className) {
    set(instName, newByClassName(className));
    /* sorry, forgot the actual name of newByClassName() from java.lang */
} /* class MyInterpreter */

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P.S. Riddle: what's my default Python indentation?

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