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Sat Dec 23 16:34:28 EST 2000

hello, fellow pythoners!

i am writing an application that will communicate between two systems
using http.  note that i am not an expert in http (or python ;)

i need a way to "upload" using the HTTP POST method (ie: simulating a

basically, my app has two parts: the actual cgi script, and a backend script
that must stay alive for a short amount of time (~20 min). the problem i have
is how can these 2 scripts communicate in a cross platform manner?  i am
running the app on windows and unix, both with stock apache builds (no
mod_py, etc). is this possible, given that the cgi will always run with a new
interp. process and the backend will be using the same one until it times

while i'm here i might as well mention that i am interested in soap-ly-yrs.

(snicker. hope that line is correct. snicker again.)


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