How to determine what called __cmp__ method?

Pearu Peterson pearu at
Fri Dec 15 09:53:48 EST 2000

On Mon, 23 Oct 2000, Huaiyu Zhu wrote:

> In comp.lang.python, you (David A.) wrote:
> >Now, with rich comparisons.. =)  (If anyone is interested in taking on the
> >work of creating the rich comparisons patches, pushing the PEP through,
> >etc., get in touch with me).
> I'm interested in this, as I need it for numerical computation as well.  I
> thought I sent you an email before, which might be lost somewhere.
> Do you already have a draft of the PEP in any form?  Otherwise I can start
> an initial draft listing the features I have in mind, which may motivate
> others to add to it or even implement it.  

How is this PEP doing?

> Right now the main feature I have in mind is to allow partial orders, so
> that a!=b does not imply a<b or a>b.  I also want the comparison operators
> to have their own names, like __lt__, __ge__, for example.

What I am looking for is that __lt__, __ge__, and other related methods
are to be allowed to return arbitrary Python objects, not just Python
integers 0,1. Or is this already obvious requirement for rich comparions?


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