Accessing "variables" in an extension module

Christian Wermuth christian at
Fri Dec 8 09:50:15 EST 2000

arcege at wrote:

> ...
> I'm assuming that you want to have predefined variables and constants.
> You might want to look at the section 'Adding "constants"' (which, in
> Python, are really variables anyway) in the "Python Extension writing"
> document.  That might help you.
> The URL for the document is
> <URL:>
> Remember that modules, whether a C extension or not, are mutable and
> you can always add or remove names there.
>   -Arcege

Thanks. It was a great help.
Now I can access variables in the "init" section of my C code, but I can't
figure out how to do it from my method. I can set and read the variable
from python, but when I try to access the variable from my C method, I just
get a value of "null". Any idea?


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