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In article <91vfsb02cn6 at>, Alex Martelli wrote:
>"Henrik Mårtensson" <henrik.martensson at> wrote:
>> I'm trying to run a basic MAPI initialisation, but I get stuck
>> with the dispatcher.
>    ...
>> >>> s=Dispatch("Mapi.Session")
>There is no creatable coclass (that I ever heard of) with progId

That's what I use:


class MapiFetcher:
    def __init__(self, settings = "MS Exchange Settings"):
        self.sessionSettings = settings
        self.session = None

    def Logon(self):
        self.session = win32com.client.Dispatch("MAPI.Session")
	if self.debugLevel > 1:
	    sys.stderr.write("MapiFetcher: MAPI.Session Logon() with settings = '%s'\n" % (self.sessionSettings,))
    def CheckInbox(self):
        inbox = self.session.Inbox
        collmsg = inbox.Messages
	if self.debugLevel > 1:
	    sys.stderr.write("MapiFetcher: Found %d messages in Inbox\n" % (collmsg.Count,))
        messages = []
        msg = collmsg.GetFirst()

        while msg:
            msg = collmsg.GetNext()
>> Below I have pasted the code I'm running. Is there something
>> that you have to do to make the MAPI interface available to
>> you? I'm not running this in a MS Exchange office environment.

I don't know what that means.  The machine on which my code
runs has MS-Outlook installed, and there's an Exchange Server

>You have to instantiate a coclass that will let you get at a
>relevant MAPI object model.  The progId you will use will
>depend on what MAPI-supplying product you want to use --
>Exchange Server, Outlook, Eudora, Netscape, whatever.  With
>Outlook, for example, the Session property of the Outlook
>application object (which is a creatable coclass, with a
>progId of 'Outlook.Application') might serve your needs.

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