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> You have a fetch_first_msg() API, is that all ?

No, no.  Its just what I happened to put in the example that is part
of the docs.  You will be able to at least fetch messages by 'raw
index number' which is the minimum supported on the various APIs.
Possibly other methods ... suggestions?  One will also have access to
the 'server object' (eg, poplib.POP3 object) if one needs to go around
the interface.

> What about non POP/IMAP mailboxes (does the API work for those ? ).

Well.. no, not currently, but nothing prevents other APIs from being
added to the module.  Before I release it I may rewrite it partially
to make it easier to subclass to use a new API w/o modifying the

What mailbox APIs would you like to see supported besides POP3 and
IMAP4? These are the only libs which exist in the standard Python
distribution.  I'm not keen on introducing dependencies on modules not
included with standard python.

> How does the API scale (particularly for unix mailboxes where you
> really want to have to keep the entire box in memory if you can avoid

I'm not sure what you mean by 'for unix mailboxes.'  plain spool
files? This module doesn't handle it.  Its basically for POP or IMAP
(see above.)  spool file support could be added I guess.  The standard
POP and IMAP modules, which I am using, do not keep the entire box in
memory.  In other words, the scalability is exactly the same as for
poplib/imaplib/smtplib. ;-)

> Does this API make sense as a wrapper around the c-client code ?
> has a syntax for specifying which 'host/port/mailbox' to use), if you
> were to pick up c-clients syntax for naming mailboxes that would help
> any future work.

I'm sorry, I don't have any idea what you're talking about here.  What
is "C-Client"? By 'naming mailboxes' are you referring to selecting
folders?  It is 'unofficially supported' for imap users and POP
doesn't have a concept of folders.  If you could direct me to a
specification of the syntax you are talking about that would help.


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