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>>>>> Tim May wrote on Sat, 09 Dec 2000 16:29:45 -0800:

Tim> In article <90uddk$31f at>, Nathaniel Gray 
Tim> <nospam at> wrote:

>> He didn't ask you to do a search.

Tim> He has expressed happiness that he could find 1200 references, many of 
Tim> them applicable, to Python and simulated annelaing by using a better 
Tim> search engine.

Hmm, probably my English really is that bad???

I wasn't exactly happy. After following your hint I found a few basic,
simple, nonetheless working implementations of SA in python.
I posted URLs of the code I found and asked again whether anybody on
this list had a more elaborate and sophisticated version...

As I don't get any replies, I am wondering whether people are not
doing SA in python or "simply" not willing to share their code?

Number one could mean people are using C-modules from python for that
kind of stuff, and I thought about that from the beginning. Number two
would be very strange (and let me sit here uncomfortable) regarding
pythons origins and scientific spirit.

As this is my first python project, I am going to implement it in
python completely (for the beginning). As such I will write my own
python-implementation of SA (when I get time to work on it again later
this month).

Tim> I didn't see _you_ providing any help, either in that thread or
Tim> in this "Python origins" thread.
Tim> You remind me of Alan Dershowitz.

Getting personal shouldn't be done in the group but by private mail.

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