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Joseph A. Franzmeier franzja at
Tue Dec 5 16:14:46 CET 2000

Yes Pedro,

You are correct I meant  "Python Essential Reference", by author Beazley.


Pedro Vale Lima wrote:

> "Joseph A. Franzmeier" wrote:
> > The other to recommend is  "The Python Reference"  by  Guido Van
> > Rousson
> > the creater of Python.
> I never heard of this one. Are you talking of the "Library Reference"
> coming with the
> python docs, or are you talking about "Python Essential Reference" by
> Beazley the author
> of SWIG (by the way, this is the book I always carry around).
> The best book for learning is Programming Python, it's a bit dated but
> still you learn all from
> the basic to the expert. ORA is probably going to do a 2nd edition.
> regards
> pedro


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