PythonWin Question

John Q. Public at
Thu Dec 28 23:02:32 EST 2000

I understand the reason for resetting stdout (having shot myself in the foot
when I overwrote stdout.write()).  Is it safe to assume that I can overwrite
sydout for the duration of a script?  This is really all I want to do, so I
can capture the output of a test and still show the tester what is happening.




Mark Hammond wrote:

> John Q. Public wrote:
> > While trying to add a journaling mechanism to python, I came across an
> > odd behavior from PythonWin when I tried to override sys.stdout.  For
> > both the console and IDLE versions of the interpreter, I can override
> > sys.stdout, but not for PythonWin.
> >
> This is a "feature".  Quite often I found people running scripts that
> themself set sys.stdout.  This would then mess-up Pythonwin after the
> script had completed - so Pythonwin resets stdout after running a script.
> Mark.

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